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Customer Feedback: Thanks Graeme spot on fixing of my email glitch , the virtual engineer is the best time saving device ever in the computer world when operated by Aquila - 10 out of 10 - john wood

Tobit David / Faxware Overview

We have been working with Tobit and Faxware since 1994 and have a wealth of knowledge that could benefit any organisation.
As a Tobit / Faxware reseller we can also give you comprehensive cover and support which means that you will always have access to a qualified professional who can help you sort out any problems.
"Aquila's training and ongoing support is excellent. Our business is now running much more efficiently and profitably thanks to Aquila."
Steve Allen, MD, Ecodrive Transmission Ltd

Faxware The Ultimate Fax Server. German Engineered

Since its introduction in 1993, FaxWare by Tobit Software has set the benchmark for the exchange of fax messages in company networks.
FaxWare revolutionises your daily fax-communication and changes your server into a multifunctional Faxware fax center. Using Faxware you can send documents directly from your PC and from any application. Add cover sheets, the company logo or your personal signature at the push of a button and address one or even thousands of recipients.
Incoming faxes are shown in your Faxware Inbox and can comfortably be edited, forwarded or stored in the integrated Tobit Archive System directly on your PC.
No more detours to printers or fax machines. No coffee stains, no waiting time at the fax machine.
FaxWare makes exchanging your fax messages as fast, easy and efficient as never before.
Reduce your carbon footprint, Save Money in a digital era, become more efficient with David and it's professional document management.
Tobit Faxware Software has set the benchmark for the exchange of fax messages in company networks. Several hundreds of thousands of companies from all over the world are using the most popular fax software there is. They know why.


Professional Client/Server-System
Scalable to up to 5000 users and 250 ports
Central administration
Support of all popular server operating systems including Windows Vista
David.InfoCenter as a multimedia-based user interface
Replication Services for the comfortable data synchronisation of several FaxWare or David servers


Intuitional user interface
Modern stainless Steel Design
Single windows can be "pulled out" for the perfect overview
Quickstart function for third party applications directly out of the David.InfoCenter
Integrated Notifier informing you of new messages
Individual modification of tool bars
Offline-usage even without server connection
Tobit Archive System provides a central document management
Use Drag&Drop to administer your data
Links to external data
Integrated web browser
Useful online and offline help
Tabbed Desktop function to switch between several views or even servers
Practical Feeds for the latest information


Direct sending of fax messages from the David.InfoCenter or any Windows application
Dispatch of personalised broadcasts with the push of a button
Easy and comfortable combination of several documents in one single fax message
Collection list for outbound faxes to optimise fees
Practical utilisation of templates and forms
Delayed dispatch to save fees
Embedding of individual logos and pictures
Comfortable integration of signatures with the push of a button
Easy creation and utilisation of personal coverpages
Binfax technology to transmit files via telefax
FaxPlus enables transmission at 64,000 bits/second via ISDN
Comfortable forwarding and editing of fax messages
Automatic printing of received faxes
Automatic redialing
Fax polling as a caller or provider
Automatic routing of inbound faxes according to CSID
Central Inbox for faxes without automatic routing
"Teach-In" function enables the system to learn routing criteria
Extremely fast display of faxes on the PC
Multiple page fax preview
Scan and Fax plugin for the direct sending of paper documents
Integrated Spell Check
Integration of a 64 Bit FaxWare and Image Messaging print driver
Distribution of faxes via FileScan and Queue services (e.g. for DOS, UNIX, AS400 applications)
Trouble-free and extensive treatment of fax messages directly on the PC

Internal eMail

Comfortable creating and editing of HTML eMails
Adding of attachments via Drag&Drop
Message Tracking function
Poste restante function
Settable dispatch date
Unlimited number of personal and global text modules
Automatic management of virtual business cards


Group specific archive structures
Personal and global calendars
Several calendar sessions within one view
Easy appointment planning with the appointment wizard
Elaborate management of addresses
Project planning for optimised teamwork
Personal and global planning of tasks
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