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Customer Feedback: - 10 out of 10 - Helena Lake

Sark 850 - The ultimate new company startup telephone solution.


Get your companies telephone system up and running in minutes at a very affordable price, just £200 plus your handsets.

With the snom ONE SoHo, you can have the world's smallest IP-PBX running on just 1/10th the power of a typical PC. The snom ONE SoHo plugs into a wall socket and can run network-based services that normally require a dedicated server.

The snom ONE SoHo, combined with snom IP phones, is a reliable, easy-to-implement solution. Pre-installed with snom ONE IP-PBX software, the snom ONE SoHo is a convenient, purpose-built hardware solution that supports the full range of snom features. Built to industry-standards, the snom ONE SoHo includes no mechanical parts, increasing its durability and stability.

By utilising the snom ONE SoHo together with snom IP phones, you benefit from the reliability and interoperability of a one-stop snom shop. The snom ONE SoHo’s user-friendly configuration utility, which is easily accessible via a web interface, gives you complete control and management.


  • Ideal for systems up to 10 extensions
  • Easy installation, no additional programs req.
  • Address book integration
  • Caller-ID based agent preference routing
  • Multiple call redirection events and destinations
  • User input key handling
  • Dynamic call routing (e.g., day/night mode)
  • Web-based agent activity tracking
  • Web-based call monitoring
  • MoH mixing with announcements



  • Extension specific dial plan, time zone and language support
  • Multiple extension alias names
  • ANI assignments
  • Hot desking and call redirection
  • Remote worker support
  • Park orbit and pickup preference
  • Picture upload
  • Emergency call recording
  • Intercom (2-way) support
  • Emergency dialing support
  • Call number limitation
  • Multiple registrations per extension
  • Call screening
  • Presence and monitoring (BLF)



  • Auto attendants, hunt groups, agent groups
  • Service flags, paging
  • Cell phone twinning
  • Remote worker support
  • Conference rooms
  • Music on hold support
  • Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010 UM support


  • Multiple prompts and name recording (from extension or web interface)
  • Voicemail to email
  • Moving and copying of messages to extensions and groups
  • Message playback (FF and rewind)
  • Message waiting support (MWI)
  • PIN-code−based login
  • Voicemail collection


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