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Infrastructure / Cabling

We can design, install, maintain and troubleshoot all kinds of cabling systems, from Cat5 and Fibre optic for your I.T. systems all the way though to electrical installation for your power sockets and lighting systems.  All our work is tested to current UK regulations and all the relevant certification is provided.

Asessment and Design

We will asess your requirements and design the most suitable cabling structure for your needs, whether it is for your I.T. network, your telephone system or your electrical installation needs.

One point of contact

When it comes to infrastructure and cabling you don't need the complication of multiple suppliers as we can do it all.  We can arrange for all works to be organised and scheduled, from the installation of new telephone lines all the way through to the installation of your cabling infrastructure and I.T. hardware, telephone hardware and electrical installation and certification.

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