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Sark 500

The SARK 500 is a small purpose built solid state system for up to 24 extensions.

The SARK 500 is the latest, purpose built phone system in the SARK range built for businesses with up to 20 employees. With over 3000 SARK systems deployed world wide, SARK has rapidly established it self as one of the most reliable and feature rich software telephone systems available. The SARK 500 incorporates all the telephony features normally associated with larger enterprise telephone systems that have been used by big businesses for many years.


This is a flexible telephone system that can be seamlessly tailored specially for your needs, you can choose a combination
of VoIP, Digital/ISDN2, Analogue or GSM (including SMS) lines.

Reduced call charges

Using “least cost routing” your telephone system can find the cheapest way to route a call depending on the number
you are dialling, whether this is to a mobile (using sim cards), 08, abroad or local line number. Plus all calls can still appear as if they have come from the your company’s main telephone number.

Disaster Recovery

By using more than one type of connectivity, even if one of
your phone lines go down – the system will route calls via the
other lines, so your incoming and outgoing calls needn’t be

Big Business Features

Call Queues

Maximise your call answer rate by placing
your calls into queues when all staff are
busy and hold your caller’s attention with
customisable hold music / adverts.

Multi-site and home workers

Link your work sites together with free desk to desk
dialling regardless of geographical location.

Conference Calling

Fully featured Conference Bridge with optional
pin codes.

Low energy use

The SARK 500 system uses around 15% of the power of
a conventional PC. Minimising your energy costs.

P.A System

The line out feature on the
SARK 500 enables it to connect
directely to a P.A. system.


This telephone system has been designed to fit in any
office environment and it’s extremely quiet which
means it will not disrupt your co-workers, no matter
where you place it.
(234mm W x 169mm D x 55mm H)


Sophisticated on board
Firewall that will help
protect your telephone

Voice Menus

Voice menus can be set up so that your customers can
get through to the right department efficiently without
being passed from pillar to post.


Everyone can have access to their own personal
voicemail and group voicemails so customers can    
keep in touch even if no-one is available to take
their call.

Wider choice of phone numbers

With VoIP you’re not limited to numbers determined by
your geographical location. For example you can have a
London number even if you are based in Leeds.


lThere are 4 SARK models ranging in size from a just a few users through to high-availability systems with many hundreds of users. 
lThe SARK 500 is a small purpose built solid state system for up to 24 extensions
lThe SARK 850, 1000 and 1200 are server rack-mount systems providing from 30 to 120 channels of TDM or VoIP telephony.  
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